Steamboat aka Hot Pot

For all of you who has no idea what the title above means, this is one of Asia's authentic ways of eating and sweating at the same time! I have no idea how it actually touched the tropical sides of Asia but apparently this originated from Mongolia, where I thought it is sensible to have something nice and warm for the almost all-year round cold season.

Definition of a hot pot (We Malaysians call 'em Steamboat):

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Our (South East Asia) version, consisting of one side spicy, the other non-spicy


And last Sat's version, the 'spicy' side is actually more sourish in Korean kimchi style


Not forgetting the desserts...Kuih Dadar (left) brought by me and yummy Gordon Ramsay style blackforest cake (right) brought by my baking buddy Ket to celebrate a belated birthday. DrooL

Yummmmyyyyyyy in 5 steps:
  1. Buy a stack of raw seafood, meat and vegetables of your liking
  2. Place them in whichever soup you want (spicy or non-spicy)
  3. Wait until it boils
  4. Take them out
  5. Eat!
Price of food for 2 days literally: £10 each.
Desserts: Free.
Company of girlfriends, endless chat & food for comfort for the winter cold: Priceless


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