Carrot & Sweet potato hash

What do you do when you saw a video clip cooking hash and your kiddo loves carrots?

Make carrot and sweet potato hash!

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Didn't realised I made a lot but it's so yummy when first eaten! Could do well reheating in the oven or on a sandwich maker for the crisp.

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I stole the idea from the video clip below:

And you can get the recipe from here

Makes about 5-6 x 5" pieces

Banana pancake

They are always sooooooooo yummy for some reason. I think it's the juicy and tasty part of the bananas that enhances when you fry them. Pop in a couple of blueberries and you've got a mouthful of 'wow' ness.

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Popping in the blueberries (they are better off mixed in the bowl before frying)

Makes 6 spoons of 1/4 cup (smaller size)


Blueberry Cheesecake Muffin

And what do you do when you gave too many blueberries? Bake something! The bonus was the suggestion not just making blueberry muffins but the added cheese to the idea makes it all colourful.

 photo IMG_20170103_113853_zpsctpgpmlf.jpg 

   photo IMG_20170103_102155_zpsr9huajcb.jpg

The recipe was initially for 12 muffins so I halved most except the 'icing' where I sprinkled a tad too much sugar at the top. 

 photo IMG_20170103_101334_zpsvnzyfa7x.jpg

Makes up for the lack of sugar in the ingredients.

 photo IMG_20170103_101324_zpsdwpnkgdq.jpg

Was initially nervous with the amount of flour too. Got all starchy when I scoop them into the mould

Turned out it was loved!

 photo IMG_20170103_114357_zpsvqdsigxu.jpg

Makes 6 muffins.
Original recipe here

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