Lamb shank muffins

Just because it tastes like one to me! Although I have another leg lamb piece, steamed kale and brussel sprouts added not to mention sweet potato and carrots that was baked with the lamb.

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All because my kiddo can't bite at the moment and muffins are the easiest for grabbing and poking and ensuring he gets good food in him.

Yes, ALL the stuff I'm cooking is now organic....and I'm glad he is the only one taking it coz it really bites on the price.

Follow this recipe to bake the lamb shanks. I just add the sweet potato and carrots at the bottom and sprinkled olive oil and salt for flavour before placing the lamb shanks on top.

 photo 3F680DC5-8FB5-4F98-AAC6-DF3940F5F3A6_zpsvqx0r7sz.jpg

All the top dishes dissaminated

 photo F7D8DB47-3AD4-4E83-84C0-3030CB7011DD_zpst6teho39.jpg

No, this is the VITAL ingredient for him. GREENS~~

Makes about 15 large muffins


Apple (& 1 Pear) Muffins

All about muffins to preserve these huge bags of organic fruits (yes, bulk buy isn't fun if it's buying all for the toddler)!

 photo 42F44F6B-5E30-47BF-BC7A-36258400A54C_zpszvske3gm.jpg

I didn't really bother taking photos of the making process just because I forgot haha.

Makes about 12 muffins

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