Beef Stew

Made it for the first time, the meat turned out a little dry but the sauce was really good!

I could have done a few more things, but the recipe was solely followed in Jamie Oliver's book.

I could have added capsicum, mushrooms to taste and baked it at a lower temperature or put it in a slow cooker to save electricity. But it's all edible!

Here are the steps. Courtesy from Jamie Oliver's beef stew recipe


Chicken Split Lentils

Aka chicken 'rice' for our little E. He's still on a GAPS diet so we are trying to avoid rice for him, no matter how much he adores and wants to eat with us (sigh). It was initially made by his grand aunty, so I asked her the steps.

This was the first time I cooked it and it was yummylicious. It can lasts for perhaps 3-4 days for a toddler like him? (he's just shy of 3)

The first mouth I took it really tasted like chicken rice! Just sorta 'mashed' rice texture or mashed potato.


Lamb shank muffins

Just because it tastes like one to me! Although I have another leg lamb piece, steamed kale and brussel sprouts added not to mention sweet potato and carrots that was baked with the lamb.

 photo C73680B8-6030-4255-9F61-B21930ECAB13_zpsc5ltgrs0.jpg


All because my kiddo can't bite at the moment and muffins are the easiest for grabbing and poking and ensuring he gets good food in him.

Yes, ALL the stuff I'm cooking is now organic....and I'm glad he is the only one taking it coz it really bites on the price.

Follow this recipe to bake the lamb shanks. I just add the sweet potato and carrots at the bottom and sprinkled olive oil and salt for flavour before placing the lamb shanks on top.

 photo 3F680DC5-8FB5-4F98-AAC6-DF3940F5F3A6_zpsvqx0r7sz.jpg

All the top dishes dissaminated

 photo F7D8DB47-3AD4-4E83-84C0-3030CB7011DD_zpst6teho39.jpg

No, this is the VITAL ingredient for him. GREENS~~

Makes about 15 large muffins


Apple (& 1 Pear) Muffins

All about muffins to preserve these huge bags of organic fruits (yes, bulk buy isn't fun if it's buying all for the toddler)!

 photo 42F44F6B-5E30-47BF-BC7A-36258400A54C_zpszvske3gm.jpg

I didn't really bother taking photos of the making process just because I forgot haha.

Makes about 12 muffins


ABC Muffin (aka Apple Banana Carrot)

Hahaha I didn't realise that literally speaking and manage to summarise the above! Also it's 1-2-3 (1 carrot, 2 apples, 3 bananas. Talk about how easy to learn this recipe)

And pretty much what you get before the oven

 photo IMG_20170419_122124_zpsirxuuz22.jpg

Is the same as what you get AFTER the oven

 photo IMG_20170419_130953_zps5yuv4nlg.jpg

I was actually running out of muffin ideas. My mind was more focused on the savoury side since we want to get bone broth, and fermented food into our kid.

So it's really all rough estimation here as I was pretty much looking at the texture and stickiness to estimate the batter.

Makes 12 small muffins or cupcake size


Feijoa Jam

And so there were a huge amount of Feijoas given to us from many friends. There was toss between feijoa jam or muffin. I suggested jam so that it lasts.

 photo IMG_20170415_203124_zpsuvk4udcr.jpg 

For about 2 kgs worth, look at how much jam we could make.

I had to be cautious when I peeled them out as some had worms (one of those, sigh)

 photo IMG_20170413_090904_zpsfhflujia.jpg


 photo IMG_20170415_123455_zpsfv6gdrul.jpg

The inside of Feijoas

My MIL suggested adding apples so that it encourages 'pectin' so that it sets more too.

 photo IMG_20170413_090846_zpsnfxzm4t8.jpg

Mom's tree

I used this blog as reference, but the other things added were suggested by MIL


Rice Crispy Treats

What do you do when your toddler starts napping for 3.5 hours? Make food! For him lol (well try to)

 photo IMG_20170401_151343_zpsaujt961r.jpg

I whipped this up real quick (well had to whizz up the almonds first), and over estimated the tray needed.

 photo IMG_20170401_140704_zpsbppusist.jpg

It's quite yummy to pre fry the dessicated coconut actually, and I wasn't sure whether it was enough syrup and nut butter to glue everything together.

It worked anyway...

 photo IMG_20170401_151541_zps2euzo1ms.jpg

Got the original recipe here

Makes a full square 9 x 9 inch tray


Beetroot Carrot Muffins

Never knew it tasted so good! I must have added a bunch of stuff to make up for the bitter after taste since it was my first time using real beetroot and getting my hands coloured..

 photo IMG_20170325_202456_zpsy894dqjv.jpg

I didn't realised I was also using the same ingredients from this other surprised carrot blueberry muffin recipe too. I guess I do love that combo of sweet carrots and refreshing apples together with a tinge of sweet potato to fill one's tummy sweetly and gracefully.

 photo IMG_20170325_202448_zps1njx8esf.jpg

I pretty much dumped everything in and was relying on my vision to see how thick the texture is with the flour estimation. I did ran out of Gluten free flour so added a touch of coconut flour which was just right (can't taste it for a change).

 photo IMG_20170325_202958_zpsm96b1e6o.jpg

The strong taste is definitely the beetroot. But it's supported by the other goodness of natural sweet carrots, apples, raisins and sweet potato.

Makes 6 muffins


Chocolate Spinach Pancakes

You got it right, there are hidden spinach in this pancake!

 photo IMG_20170320_222028_zpskbghl6ry.jpg 

I'm amazed how blenders can liquify things so much nobody knows unless they are sensitive to the taste. Then again it can always be overpowered by chocolate powder muahaha

 photo IMG_20170320_223817_zpsvfvv8sss.jpg 

Anything to get my kiddo to eat...

Original recipe here, real simple! No oil, gluten free too!

Made about 8 pancakes for me with a 1/3 cup

Vegetarian Nuggets round 2

This time with a little more structure and prediction hahaha.

 photo IMG_20170319_212506_zpsvwkqrutt.jpg 

Well, I got carried away by trying to add one more vege to the mince but the bowl was too full and I didn't want to go beyond the tray, and squares were easier to semi circle.

Exactly the same process as my previous post but I change the veges instead.

 photo IMG_20170319_212107_zpstbjumtdd.jpg 

This time I used:

  • 2 x Carrots (for sweetness)
  • 2 x Sweet potatoes (for sweetness)
  • 1 x Broccoli
  • A bag of Long Beans (About 350 grams)
  • A bag of Brussel Sprouts
  • Spinach steamed by my MIL
  • A spoonful of LSA

Made 90 nuggets


Sweet Potato Banana Bites

I love the way the title was written and yes I had leftover sweet potatoes again so was wondering what to do with it.

 photo IMG_20170318_092826_zpsjvklk2y9.jpg

Looks kinds 'bland' but it does tastes edible lol. I didn't put any oil, and should have dropped in some raisins or something. Oh well, it's just bites for li'l E to have as snacks.

 photo IMG_20170318_091944_zpse3nqa4t3.jpg

Should have coated with egg wash....

 photo IMG_20170318_092808_zpsyfg5t5em.jpg

Doesn't look appetizing but tastes good~~

Original recipe here

Makes 6 cupcakes (note this is different to muffin trays as the depth of the cups are smaller)


Surprise Carrot blueberry muffins

I actually have no idea what to call it to be honest but a whole portion of it was made of carrots and blueberries. Plus other sweet natural fruit and vege too.

 photo IMG_20170315_135324_zps8ycxwsqj.jpg

You can literally eat this raw without the eggs and flour lol

 photo IMG_20170315_212128_zpskt46qclb.jpg

No baking powder, so I can literally pour extra over each tray!

It turned out so delicious my son loved it! Felt really strong in the coconut just coz I added a tad bit too much flour again. All good, it's so nutritious, gluten free and dairy to the point that I am happy to eat it, also moist too! yay.

Will see how I can remember how the ingredients were coz it was all estimated!

Makes 6 big muffins


Grain Free Apple Muffins

Beside it sticking to the paper, it does taste quite crumbly nicer off the oven. Probably needing butter or olive oil with salt to add moisture and it doesn't have a crumbly top.

 photo IMG_20170307_180740_zps0rvvigt0.jpg

The pain about gluten and dairy free food is retaining the added moisture, which drives me to dig further into recipes and the science behind things. Of course my little kid doesn't mind it for now, but my aim is to get everyone liking it and be proud to say that there wasn't any dairy involved.

 photo IMG_20170307_171555_zpsgudi44w8.jpg

 photo IMG_20170307_171607_zps0mzqf5yk.jpg

Anyway, I loved how the apple stew turned out! Should have made apple crumble instead lol.

 photo IMG_20170307_165912_zpsintclhzj.jpg

The journey continues~!

Till then, it makes 6 

Original recipe here.

Vegetarian Nuggets

It's alot of work, but it's so worth it making it delicious, especially with superfood.

 photo IMG_20170304_222607_zpsslkhvhxt.jpg

 I pretty much followed the process in the video but changed the ingredients instead, taking the chance to use chicken peas as a form of sticky ingredient to avoid too much carbs and made sure the wet ingredients are dried out (which it did since I blend it while it's hot)

The longest process was probably blending, coz I had to use a tiny coffee grinder

 photo IMG_20170304_231532_zpsuxxp5x9c.jpg

Chickpeas and spinach

 photo IMG_20170304_233524_zpscktsvtii.jpg

With broccoli and Cauliflower

   photo IMG_20170305_001145_zps827rfuwy.jpg

Rolling them out before dipping

 photo IMG_20170305_015427_zps6w8wvxdk.jpg

Option to put it in the freezer or bake them

 photo IMG_20170305_015418_zpsi0vjnq1k.jpg

Add coconut oil coat when bake

This ingredient made about 50 pieces easily I think depending on the size but its about half an ice cream scoop per piece


Chocolate Avocado Brownies

Also another great recipe to try coz not only it reduces the calories, it is so moist!! No need for oil too

 photo IMG_20170224_091918_zpsyqnidnwe.jpg

 photo IMG_20170224_092118_zpswg75wlfo.jpg

Most of the 'fats' or moistness comes from the avocado itself.

 photo IMG_20170224_082353_zpsxyzrv1vj.jpg

I didn't go hard on the maple syrup but I should have coz it wasn't sweet enough. Then again, it would work well with vanilla ice cream.

I mainly used all the ingredients from this video:

But if you want the direct link to read, click here

Nutrients per brownie: Calories: 150; Total Fat: 5.2g Saturated Fat: 1.1g; Cholesterol: 60mg; Carbohydrate: 22.3g; Dietary Fiber: 4.9g; Sugars: 13.4g; Protein: 4.3g

Makes 9 pieces from an 8x8" tray


3 Ingredient Pancake!

Oooohhh, so easy to make, so yummy to eat. I even added a bit of peanut butter

 photo IMG_20170222_074813_zpsfglvt3fo.jpg

Tricky to fry on a pan but i did manage by pouring less

 photo IMG_20170222_074829_zpsfrnmhcob.jpg

Baking powder is to add the fluffiness

Makes 6 x 1/4 cup pancakes


Blueberry Oatmeal pancake

The saga continues with the pancakes! Check my previous post for the video which this was one of it :)

 photo IMG_20170211_093017_zpskihx85ld.jpg

This time replacing blueberries with bananas
And milk with yoghurt

 photo IMG_20170211_090145_zpscu6bsynr.jpg 

I had to add a little more flour for it to stick this round and eggs...

Makes about 5-6 pancakes using 1/3 cup


Banana Oatmeal pancake

Round 2! with different modification.

Definite variation from my previous post where I omit milk and added oatmeal instead.

 photo 7b235d11-3e27-408a-b28c-b943e510b008_zpszpgcbelb.jpg

 photo IMG_20170202_093456_zpshfmuf34l.jpg

Just realised the way to cook these watery base type mixture is to use a 1/3 cup or less, that way the heat can fuse them together as it's flatter.

Taste just as fulfilling and delicious. It feels great too as it doesn't have flour instead.

I too base the ingredients on this tasty video:

Makes 5-6 pancakes using 1/3 cup

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