Less ingredients = Healthy food?

Time to revive this space. I have started to settle much better in my new profound surrounding (and a larger kitchen, WOOHOO) and have already looked into what to cook.

Are you up for a 10-day challenge? Drinking 6-12 cups a day of this: Maple syrup,lemon juice and Cayenne Pepper mixed in water

In the mean time, this lovely Mei of mine is going through this interesting Detox programme called Master Cleanse. One morning, where I woke up, unable to sleep I read the whole article about it and it brought up alot of questions. One being about the title above. But before I go into further detail, I am rather tempted to try this Detox thing although it is going to be uncomfortable to start off with. Not a great idea when first day of work is on Monday...Anyway, Master Cleanse is a whole topic to discuss about so I better not run off the topic.

And btw...I'm not doing it to diet. I am rather more interested in getting rid of the detox in the body.

It seams that the great Stanley Burroughs mention that it takes extra effort to make a certain food unhealthy. This includes adding alot of extra ingredients or salt and pepper just to make it 'tasty'. It was described somewhat direct, in a way it had some truth in it, and in other ways it sounds just too good to be true. It make me wonder alot at this moment of time, as whilst reading this at the same time, I'm actually looking at asian recipes. They do have alot of spices involved (such as chinese 5 spices, soy sauce) in which I'm sort unaware of whether it does greater good to health or is merely just an added taste to the meal. Apparently soy sauce is a great replacement to salt (says my good food blogger aka friend the innovative baker and her latest article) and 5 spices are from herbs.....*the thoughts go on*

I found this article of making food much healthier. This is by replacing certain things that the body takes more time to break down such as dairy, cheese, white bread etc. Check this article on: Modifying a Recipe to be Healthier

Anyway, I have made my own conclusion. Dr. Stanely has some facts in his article and is abit of an extremist. As I kept reading, the more truth I take in, seems the harder I believe. But I'm glad I read it because it has brought to remind me to be health conscious once more. But hey, when one loves to cook, one always does want to know what goes into a meal and of course one tends to make cooking a pleasure, an art or nutritious.

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