Japanese Sponge Cheesecake

Yessss, I manage to bake something in the most busiest time of my life, muahaha. All thanks to my lovely Fiance who loves this cheesecake to bits. The fluffyness of this cake absolutely makes it so light to eat and of course tempts one to have a double the serving instead :P



What I was proud off was that I finally got over the anxiousness of whisking the egg whites with caster sugar. The last time I did, it didn't rise. Phew!

(Other reference's source: Diana's Dessert's cotton soft cheesecake)

 Makes 1 x 9" cake or 2 x 8" cake.


Yes yes, I have been neglecting my dear blog lately but I have got a good reason this time. I have to leave UK at such a short notice! It's a long story and I don't have time to even breathe. Nevertheless I finally manage to put some baking into place as well as research on the best baking books I want to take with me. Shipping costs are so reasonable right now so I better make the most of it. To those of you out there, I do recommend the book below:

In the mean time, I do hope to pursue my passion in Asia where dessert making is a whole different level! We are surrounded by 'wet kitchens' rather than a typical 4 season kitchen with an oven since this is a tropical terrain.

I will definitely miss this country so much. Aaah, life, it becomes stronger and better, yet more fragile and emotional.

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