ABC Muffin (aka Apple Banana Carrot)

Hahaha I didn't realise that literally speaking and manage to summarise the above! Also it's 1-2-3 (1 carrot, 2 apples, 3 bananas. Talk about how easy to learn this recipe)

And pretty much what you get before the oven

 photo IMG_20170419_122124_zpsirxuuz22.jpg

Is the same as what you get AFTER the oven

 photo IMG_20170419_130953_zps5yuv4nlg.jpg

I was actually running out of muffin ideas. My mind was more focused on the savoury side since we want to get bone broth, and fermented food into our kid.

So it's really all rough estimation here as I was pretty much looking at the texture and stickiness to estimate the batter.

Makes 12 small muffins or cupcake size


Feijoa Jam

And so there were a huge amount of Feijoas given to us from many friends. There was toss between feijoa jam or muffin. I suggested jam so that it lasts.

 photo IMG_20170415_203124_zpsuvk4udcr.jpg 

For about 2 kgs worth, look at how much jam we could make.

I had to be cautious when I peeled them out as some had worms (one of those, sigh)

 photo IMG_20170413_090904_zpsfhflujia.jpg


 photo IMG_20170415_123455_zpsfv6gdrul.jpg

The inside of Feijoas

My MIL suggested adding apples so that it encourages 'pectin' so that it sets more too.

 photo IMG_20170413_090846_zpsnfxzm4t8.jpg

Mom's tree

I used this blog as reference, but the other things added were suggested by MIL


Rice Crispy Treats

What do you do when your toddler starts napping for 3.5 hours? Make food! For him lol (well try to)

 photo IMG_20170401_151343_zpsaujt961r.jpg

I whipped this up real quick (well had to whizz up the almonds first), and over estimated the tray needed.

 photo IMG_20170401_140704_zpsbppusist.jpg

It's quite yummy to pre fry the dessicated coconut actually, and I wasn't sure whether it was enough syrup and nut butter to glue everything together.

It worked anyway...

 photo IMG_20170401_151541_zps2euzo1ms.jpg

Got the original recipe here

Makes a full square 9 x 9 inch tray

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