Red Bean Paste (for pau)

Feeling rather discouraged without an oven, I have perhaps now moved into a new phase of dessert making: Steaming!

And thanks to the lovely flatmates of mine, they have all the utensils and pots available for steaming. Wee!!

And I am attempting to make bread for the first time....voila!


It's not exactly Tau Sar Pau (I don't think) as I think it was meant to be black beans instead (either that, we're suppose to use black colouring or something) and the 'paste' doesn't look as smooth coz I did not have a blender. So it was back to the good ole spoon against the pot mash tactic.


Anyway, taste: YUM. As well as I can make lots of fillings in the pau (bun)! I'm not really happy with the ingredients for the pau so I'll post up the recipe later when I get the portions right ;)


 Yield's about 2 cups

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