Nutella Cheesecake

Told you I'll be back! But of course, needed an event as an excuse to make something else I won't get my bum moving! Yes, I saw this on a video clip on fb and initially wanted to make a carrot cake instead.

As I got to the supermarket and picked out all the ingredients for carrot cake, the cost was sky rocketing (one small bag of walnut is like $5!) not to mention there will be leftover ingredients that will never be touched unless I bake frequently (our pantry is so full) I took this recipe and compared. Looks like someone has done thorough researching, it was enough for the cake without extra!

Nutella layer was actually 'heavier' then the other mixture so it was kinda tricky to spread it around as it started to 'sink' into the cake...

Wah, real drama coz I was doing it so late in the evening so much so I was in a hurry to get it over and done with. I took the cake out of the cake tin too soon before it cooled down properly and it started breaking apart! I quickly 'squashed' the cake back into the cake tin and decided to do the last bit before the cake cooled completely - Pouring the nutella cream on the top. It did kinda cover all the cracks hahaha.

Check out that huge 'Crack' on the left picture. Right was what was left of it before I left. Apparently it was cleaned off.

Note: Flourless cake has to be cooled down to room temperature before dissembling them!

Also I found that the Oreo base was too thin, so best to double the amount for a 9" cake.

Here's the recipe blog I got this from :). Not much alteration. But if you want to know more click on the title above :)

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