Baked Peach Cheesecake

Back to basics!! Thought I'd used the cream cheese in the fridge up before it starts to mould. This recipe is taken off directly from Philadelphia's cook book.



The muffin tray I have couldn't fit into the oven so I had to think up of an alternative quick! Thank goodness for those disposable aluminium cups....and I reckon it's good to reuse it too


Kitchen just got busier again =)


Makes 6 muffin size tray


Milo Macaroons


With cream cheese filling! And more Milo of course...this is base on a French Recipe instead as I wasn't adventurous enough to use the Italian recipe (consist of syrup base sugar boiled)

Gosh, the beginning was easy, but the ending was so difficult! I wasn't sure whether I over fold the eggs, as well as the Milo itself started to clump each other. And different trays give off different heat so some baked much nicer than others.



I only manage to make a few since most of them was stuck to the baking paper. Didn't realise that there was a handy tip from this post...had I known earlier, I wouldn't chuck most into the bin =S

And most of them was stuck to the parchment paper so I only saved less than a quarter from the rest of the batter

Makes about 35-40 macaroons an inch wide

(Courtesy from Cake Journal's post and lots of picture steps from cooking-ez's post)

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