Chocolate Truffles...

With training in the way, it took so long before I manage to post this up. But, it was soooooooo rewarding after making them!

As soon as you bite into this, you will definitely go all gooey inside. Literally. It was absolutely comforting ;).

Thanks to my fellow baker, Baking Addict, I was inspired to make them. It's pretty much chocolate ganache in a different form, which is quite interesting as the texture is soft this round, compared to the time I coated my cake with ganache. I find chocolate to be quite interesting and mysterious at the same time.

Coat me!


That's better ;)

She made the oreo and cream cheese version, but I decided to make the classic version with a tinge of Kirsch Cherry alcohol that I use for my blackforest cake and see which taste better. As well as I didn't use any oreos, heh. I made plain cream cheese and cocoa powder.


Shoulda put moree of zees cherri alcohol...

With a sweet tooth like me, I still love the classic truffle coated with white chocolate. An absolute bliss towards the end of a training session.

If you're keen to try oreos and cheese truffle, check out Baking Addict's post as that is definitely yummier than my plain cocoa and cheese truffle. Other than that, I shall post up the classic chocolate truffle for any of you who is keen to make this.


Claypot-less Chicken Rice

Heh, it's pretty much claypot chicken rice but not cooked in a claypot :). I can't believe how the ingredients involved in making this are so similar to the other 2 savoury dishes in my last post (lo mai kai and tea eggs) and by changing the amount or adding a slight herb or spice makes it a totally different dish that has a different taste. So amazing.

Just like how it relates to life doesn't it...and I have no idea why I said that :P

Anyhoo, double post in a row goes to show that I have no plans this Easter besides more training and thinking of what to make in the kitchen. There is a dessert that I am really tempted to try but then again, the weather has gone much brighter these days and so I have succumbed to fresh air instead,heh.

This is dish is very easy to make if you have a rice pot. It's also nourishing and healthy, and all you need is a vege dish to complete your well balanced meal


Makes a meal for 2-3 person

(Recipes were referred to kuali's and rasamalaysia claypot chicken rice as a reference)


'Naked' Pulut Inti

aka glutinous rice packet. One of our home's authentic Nonya kuih :). Something worth trying out as it's a lovely dessert fused mainly with our good ole screwpine leaves, palm sugar and coconut. These 3 makes the basis of our dessert.

Yes, pulut inti is suppose to be wrapped in banana leaves and not only uses glutinous rice, but another rice as well. This how it really looks like:

But I couldn't get banana leaves, nor the blue pea it's simpler and easier to make at times when needed:


This recipe makes about 16-18, 3.5cm x 3.5cm pieces

  • To make the glutinous rice bit, click here for my previous post on 'kuih serimuka' but use 300g of rice instead.
  • And to make the dessicated coconut with palm sugar, click here for my previous post on 'kuih dadar'.

  1. After making both, place the rice on a place and with a flat spoon, shape it into a square and cut it into 9 pieces.
  2. With a teaspoon, make a semi circular shape and slide the batter to the top of the rice.
  3. Wrap it with gladwrap.

And if you want to take a step further on the banana leaves, check it out here :)

Now then...I made this much for no audience, if anyone of you aren't away over Easter, send me a text!



1 Lombard Street Restaurant

 It really sounds as if that they have no clue on how to name their restaurant LoL. Anyway, we were invited by the contractors again to go for breakfast at this restaurant and it started off with the confusion of finding this restaurant to begin with. It was tucked away somewhere on the cross junction and was not on Lombard Street itself.

Anyway, as we went in, I was brought into a very much spacious area with comfortable chairs and excellent lighting. I had tea served, along with toasts, 3 different types of jam and butter and was asked to order salmon and scrambeled eggs. Boy, was it a great dish to a great start of the work day.

I was sitting off to the left side of this picture

But apparently the main courses during lunch and dinner time are quite reasonable, i.e.3 course for £25 for dinner including drinks. And it's even cheaper over the weekends, i.e. 2 course lunch for £15! Interesting. Click here to find out more.

As well as this restaurant has recently earn itself a Michelin title this year, so it's worth checking it out! Here's a snippet about the cook:

"His cooking ranges from European classics to traditional fare, gastronomic cuisine as well as the modern flavours of today. The quality of his cooking justifies Herberts reputations as one of the best and most creative chefs in London."

Stay tuned for more as I will be back here to check out the Lunch and Dinner menus.

More information:

1 Lombard Street, London
Telephone: 020 7929 6611
Fax: 020 7929 6622

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday
Breakfast: 7.30am to 11.00am
Lunch and Dinner: 11.00am to 11.00pm
(last orders 10.00pm)
Saturday; 11.30am until 10.00pm

We are also available for exclusive events.
Bar: 11.00am to 12:00am
Tapas menu from 5.00pm

Lunch: 12:00pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.00pm

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