Avocado brownie pudding

Just coz I had to use up the food in the pantry. It was off this post that I referenced to and Its pretty much blending everything in the food processor:

  • 4 Bananas
  • 2.5 Avocados
  • 5 eggs
  • cacao powder
  • sugar (1/4 cup) 
  • Almond flour (1/4 cup) 
  • gluten free flour (1/4 cup)

I had to cook longer in the oven just because I used a high tray. So it took a good 45mins before the core hardens.

The verdict? My kids who dislikes avocado's loved it!

Eaten yummy when cold

Made in a 7" inch square tray which makes around 8 pieces of 2cm cubes.


Claypot Chicken without the claypot

First try, and my hubby thinks it's too rich and addictive. I think I could tell by the amount of water my son drank lol. But it was good first try!

Things to modify:

  • Add more rice (1 more cup perhaps) or
  • Reduce the rich sauces, especially soy
  • Have boneless chicken thighs with skin as when I cut it the bones becomes a choking hazard

I am really liking this website from rasamalaysia and was surprised that it's american owned! They do have real authentic simple ingredients to follow and convenient steps to get to where I want so far. Plus they do nice giveaways. Bummer that I don't live in the USA.

Anyhoo, recipe for me to take note

Makes enough for 4 adults to eat or just about


Tau Yew Bak

Courtesy of my MIL's tips and tricks plus its my MOH's favourite so I tried it with the pressure cooker again.

What I was just nervous is how the meat turns out and how long to pressure cook it. The longer the better apparently for pork belly and ribs.

I have yet to figure out which part of the pig's body we don't cook too long and which we do. Looks like we do for all parts of the body so far.

It's a bit of work so I used the weekend to take the chance of time.

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