Beef Stew with Pressure Cooker

Just to save time! And it turned out tastier than it looks. And the meat is tender too~

Does pay to learn the type of beef cuts for this =)

My referred recipe sites were foodinaminute 
And from thesaltymarshmallow for pressure cooking tips

As well as I read 10 tips about using the pressure cooker too to learn more about the time saved when cooking various things.

Important thing to take away using pressure cooker:

  • Need to add more gravy as it keeps moisture
  • Must release valve slowly after cooking and before even touching any parts of the pressure cooker
  • Bring to high heat, until it starts sizzling then bring the heat down slightly
  • Have to empty the dish and wash immediately after using

Time saved:
Instead of cooking 1.5-2 hours, I cooked for 35 mins, then left it on off for another 10 minutes.

See below for more steps that I use for cooking :)


Modified Chocolate Brownies

Well, I thought I needed to bake these brownies from this recipe but no it was straight into the fridge ready to eat.

Then again I had uncooked cashew better be safe and bake them slightly

Turned out amazingly moist and hits the spot with all the nutty ingredients, packed intensely with wonderful energy and healthy 'fats'

Thanks Kim though! For the instant simple recipe, using initially only just 4 ingredients.

Makes roughly 12 pieces from an 8" square baking tray


Chicken Cordon Bleu

Felt like making it and cooking dinner for the family as a favour. I actually based my ingredients and steps around this recipe and a video clip but I ended up tweaking it more on my own. And I made too much for my family haha. 3 chicken breasts is enough as it was very filling.

Anyway didn't manage to take a decent photo just coz I was a little shy doing it in front of the in laws but here is the ingredients and method. I would have tried the white wine next time as it would bring sauce to the dish and mom in law's clever idea of combining cauliflower to the dish adds balance of vegetables for dinner.

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