Carrot cake GFDF

With cashew base icing! Should have added more lemon juice to make it like a cream cheese frosting.

Tastes a little dense just coz I replaced tapioca flour with rice and it's almond meal that dominates the mix. Just hope my kid likes it else ill be eating it all.

It's got sultanas and cranberries too instead of walnuts just coz I think there is enough nuts with the almond meal...

All of my gluten and dairy free recipe so far are taken from Chloe Moir nutrition. She just makes it easy to make with a quick video clip less than 2 minutes long. Suitable for mothers on the go like me.

See below for recipe. Makes a 9" cake. Original recipe from here


Gluten Free flour substitutions

Thought I'd pen this down as a quick reference. My sister introduced her version of Avocado chocolate cake and it was delish! She used brown rice flour instead of coconut flour and it works much better as it's less coconut taste and crumbly.

Anyway, the link to the snippets below are from here.

Feel free to explore the alternatives :)


Mini Lemon Cheesecake

But there is no cheese~!

 photo IMG_20180612_150221_zpsqenwlpmx_edit_1528795755254_zpsswtlkcdm.jpg  photo IMG_20180612_150250_zpsrhbtl9xd_edit_1528795783835_zpsnjbt1prm.jpg 

My first ever virgin gluten and dairy free cheesecake. Tastes pretty good but I think the lemon does hide alot of the bigger flavours...

 photo IMG_20180612_084632_zps9c3lc1p2.jpg 
   photo IMG_20180612_091347_zpsolncfjai.jpg 
 photo IMG_20180612_092455_zpshanyijyi.jpg

The only thing different I did was to use cranberries instead of dates for the base so it looks abit more redder than usual.

Tastes pretty amazing but there is a strong coconut flavour in general. I was trying to get my kid to try it but it's not his thing. Either that I gave it to him when he is too full. Oh well, it's for me to have heh.

Courtesy from Chloe Moir Nutrition. I love her website.

 Makes 7-8 mini cheesecakes

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