3 Ingredient Pancake!

Oooohhh, so easy to make, so yummy to eat. I even added a bit of peanut butter

 photo IMG_20170222_074813_zpsfglvt3fo.jpg

Tricky to fry on a pan but i did manage by pouring less

 photo IMG_20170222_074829_zpsfrnmhcob.jpg

Baking powder is to add the fluffiness

Makes 6 x 1/4 cup pancakes


Blueberry Oatmeal pancake

The saga continues with the pancakes! Check my previous post for the video which this was one of it :)

 photo IMG_20170211_093017_zpskihx85ld.jpg

This time replacing blueberries with bananas
And milk with yoghurt

 photo IMG_20170211_090145_zpscu6bsynr.jpg 

I had to add a little more flour for it to stick this round and eggs...

Makes about 5-6 pancakes using 1/3 cup


Banana Oatmeal pancake

Round 2! with different modification.

Definite variation from my previous post where I omit milk and added oatmeal instead.

 photo 7b235d11-3e27-408a-b28c-b943e510b008_zpszpgcbelb.jpg

 photo IMG_20170202_093456_zpshfmuf34l.jpg

Just realised the way to cook these watery base type mixture is to use a 1/3 cup or less, that way the heat can fuse them together as it's flatter.

Taste just as fulfilling and delicious. It feels great too as it doesn't have flour instead.

I too base the ingredients on this tasty video:

Makes 5-6 pancakes using 1/3 cup

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