Pandan Chiffon Cake 2

And so my toddler decided to wake up at 5.30am. To keep sane, I had this urge of baking a pandan cake again seeing that I have bought the ingredients. I wanted to actually make a layered cake but this was a little quicker.

I pretty much used the ingredients and method from my previous post.

 photo IMG_20161227_094745_zpsvsj8eddx.jpg

Whisking the egg whites to almost peak form makes a huge difference. As well as having a good cake tin.

 photo IMG_20161227_114418_zpsngxhv6lj.jpg

Found the cake a little sweet and dry, so may ease off the sugar in the next run. I wonder how other cakes turned out moist actually...

(p/s: ingredients to modify next time:
120g flour
200g of sugar
1 tsp of salt)


Broccoli Salad

So xmas there was an invite as well we were asked to bring a dish so I couldn't think of anything (as usual I didn't want to make something 'unhealthy' so salad was on my mind.

of course I didn't just want to buy mix leaves and dressing (that would be embarrassing plus I looked 'lazy'). My favourite looking back was all time broccoli salad which needed to be made the night before and it does take a bit of effort if done from scratch.

 photo IMG_20161224_132452_zpsi19hut4v.jpg

 photo IMG_20161224_132457_zps2zul54su.jpg

 photo IMG_20161224_132503_zpsvvouffob.jpg

I knew a vegetable like this would fair well with sourish and salty condiments plus a dressing similar but on a sweeter end to fuse with the condiments.

This was perfect.

 photo IMG_20161225_074533_zpsy0zujycl.jpg

 photo IMG_20161225_075157_zpseh49knvd.jpg

I assembled everything together on the day itself just coz it was Christmas day and we were going to be out the whole day. This salad was for dinner.

Courtesy from

Pound cake aka Butter cake

For the life of me, I thought I had a post about this cake as I spent a whole of time dribbling egg yolk into the batter avoid the curdle.

But I didn't (argh).

So here it is as I craved for the butter cake my grandmather used to buy for me, I did it again and this time I had to be quick so I experimentally added the floor and the egg into the batter to make sure I don't curdle.

The only part where I got lazy (well a little sustainable that is) is to use the small oven rather than the big one and so the top of the cake cooked a little unevenly.

 photo IMG_20161224_152841_zpsrogjeybw.jpg

Nice shade of colour actually

Was eaten up by my family in one shot which was a nice gesture and it wasn't as dry as I made it the other time. Definitely go with the saying 'A pound for each main ingredient'

i.e Same amount (weighing a pound each) of butter, sugar and flour at once.

Took it from joyofbaking (love their website)

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