Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel

I have been craving for this for a long time...yet have not bought it for about 3 weeks now because they sell it at such a freaking high price! And the moment that I don't feel like eating it is the only time that I actually found it at a decent price (£1.80 was the cheapest I can find but in the dodgiest place where I don't really know how long it has been displayed for since that stall opens for 24 hours).

Tesco - £2.80
Cafe downstairs - £2.89
Bagel cafe - £2.99!

I can't believe how much they up the price, when it's actually so simple to make. I guess the downfall to making this for one person is that they sell smoke salmon in bulk (at least 200g) and that is why I can't afford buying it unless I'm prepared to have salmon for a week. Yes, it is true that I dislike routine food. And so it is rather hard sometimes when I cook / eat for one.

But if you've got cravings, want a decent healthy lunch sandwhich high in omega oil and protein and with a tinge of comfort, I present you this.

Quick method for one:

  • 1 x bagel of your liking (This can be bought for 50p in the usual supermarket stores. But if you're keen to make it, I'll attempt to do so and will create another post).
  • 1 tbsp of Philedelphia cream cheese (They sell in smaller tubs if you dislike eating the same thing twice like me).
  • About 50g-60g of smoke sliced salmon.
  • Pinch of black pepper.
  • Other optional extras: Slice of tomato, lemon juice, ham slice, fried egg, butter.
  1. With a sharp thin knife, slice the bagel slowly and gently in half. The bun is semi dense so there is no worry of it getting torn apart easily.
  2. Apply cream cheese on both sides of the sliced bagel.
  3. Scatter some black pepper.
  4. Cut the salmon pieces into thin slices of approx the width of the bagel or your last finger.
  5. Assemble the optional extras. If not place the salmon pieces on the bottom half of the bagel.
  6. Squeeze a little lemon juice if there's any.
  7. Cover the top with the other half.
  8. Take a nice and slow, smooth delicate bite...and enjoy :P
Gosh, I am so craving for one now...


Natalie said...

i am so craving one now! fedex one here? can? hahaha...
hey why your blog don't have chatbox wan? hahaha

GeNiaL said...

Natalie!! Erm, chatbox ar. I wanted to have one but didn't get around to it kekeke. Slowly ya. I will have one post up soon :).

Ok, I fedex to you. What's your add? :P

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