Into the world of Cupcakes

And so I was browsing as usual and again on motivation and inspirations in which I am driven by one thing that I can never run away from...

Competition...yes, I have to admit that I am and always have been competitive. I use to hate being one, because it stresses me out, because it is a negative feeling and because it makes me compare. But I know that this 'force' this drive, when use wisely and controled would yield the most greatest thing in life. For me, I make sure that I put this little piece together with passion, just like the icing on top of the cake ;).

And so I browsed around for competitions so that it pushes me to keep learning new baking skills as well as be exposed to the other people who have been doing it for so long. And boy was I exposed and covered with more so links and blogs to other people's website!

It first started with Iron Cupcake Earth. And then you go to another link to vote for the contestants..

And then apparently there is a theme for each month and the voting starts for 7 days for stunning prizes. This month's theme: Music and here is the list of the contestants. OMG, there are so many competing and the cupcakes are amazing. Feel free to explore their website and vote for them before the 5th of Nov which is quite soon :)

I so wish I could cast my votes to all of them as never in my life I have seen creativity bloom in the world of sweets and desserts. Good Luck to all regardless!

  1. 6 Bittersweets
  2. 13 Bakery 
  3. Altered Recipes 
  4. Bakes On First Date
  5. Bite Size Baker(One of my favourite music: Somewhere over the rainbow)
  6. The Busty Baker
  7. C & C Cakery
  8. Cake Walk (so far in the lead)
  9. Craftin' and Kitchen Witchin' 
  10. Cupcake Engineer (Haha, I would have called myself this)
  11. Don't Get All Hippity  
  12. Eternal Foodie
  13. Five Million Dollars, a Good Looking Guy and a Puppy
  14. A Girl in Her Kitchen
  15. Gonna Go Walk the Dogs
  16. Honey, I'm Homely!
  17. Icing Bliss 
  18. I'm Just Here For the Food
  19. Jelli Bean Journals
  20. Keckie's World
  21. La Vie
  22. Life in a Peanut Shell
  23. Little Miss Cupcake - Paris
  24. Meg Makes
  25. Oh, Just Put a Cupcake In It...
  26. Pandas and Cupcakes
  27. Recipe Room
  28. The Red Deer
  29. RWarren69
  30. Sie Macht
  31. Sweet Remedy 
  32. The Sweetest Kitchen (One of my fav music: Thriller!)
  33. Tales of a Dark Haired Princess
  34. Tastes Like Burning
  35. Treat (2nd in lead I think)
  36. The Ungourmet
  37. Very Small Anna 
  38. Whisk Me Away


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