Machineless Frothing

I was out one night and decided to go for my favourite Chai Latte from Starbucks and it makes a HUGE difference when my milk gets froth. It was a perfect fix to a cold windy night sipping over something soothing and warm while waiting to meet up with friends.

Unfortunately it didn't end up nicely on the bill. I can't believe that it costs £4 for a medium sized drink (gutted)

Because of that, I started to think the DIY way on to making this yummylicious warm drink if I didn't have much cents to spare and while I was at home too.

And so I stumbled into a really cool page on how to froth milk, without using a machine or a frother :D

Creamy spoonful of foam

align box

Start with a little milk in a jar


Shake it vigourously until the milk doubles in volume

Take the lid off and microwave it for 30 seconds

Pour the milk in your drink and spoon the foam on top


megan said...

Perfect! I love Starbucks chai tea, and I love frothed milk - thanks!

Velva said...

Good for you! Now, you can enjoy a chai tea anytime.

GeNiaL said...

Aaaaww, thanks for popping by my site the both of you :)

And yes...I actually have a whole box of chai tea bags sitting at home waiting to be drunk!

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