Yes, I shall attempt to keep this alive. Perhaps it's good to have 2 different blogs after all. Makes me feel organised :)

Anyhoo, I was invited to a Client lunch at this Argentine restaurant somewhere near Liverpool station and it was my first time having Argentinian food.

Apparently they were famous for their steak. I couldn't find the place to begin with, and when I did, it looked more like a pit stop for posh drinks for posh people as I saw people wearing headsets.

To my suprise, we were brought downstairs and found ourselves a proper restaurant, full of people! We had a 'private room' to ourselves.

Dinner was a set 3 course meal with white wine, red wine, sparkling or still water and personal service. Amazing.

We had the signature menu, and I picked the scallops as my starter, which was suprisingly a cold dish and I was abit disappointed with it. It was perhaps one scallop sliced finely and coated with cheese, topped with chopped mango, onions and parsley.

Mains were shared and consisted of very well cooked 3 different pieces of beef with chips, tomato salad and sweet corn wrap in cooked corn leave (my favourite). The beef was so tender that it can be cut with a normal knife. But the best dish for me so far was the ice cream, as it was rich with high class chocolate, vanilla and dulcha de leche. Never had wonderful rich ice cream for some time now.

Overall, I'd give it a 7/10 since I'm not really a steak person, and the dishes got better towards the end =)

More information:
5 Finsbury Av
London, EC2M 2PJ, United Kingdom
020 7256 6877


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