Baking Principals

Something I thought would be useful to anyone who wants to know more on baking...

I've scribbled something on paper to remind myself the principals of baking as I'm the type who normally asks 'why' behind all ingredients I read rather than follow them blindly. It is a helpful hint to know them because it helps when you 'screw' up something and you know why or what has happened. As well as learning this helped me know the sort of textures I get from the different types of cakes. It'll be added to my side column for anyone who needs a quick reminder.

Can't wait for the cupcake competition to be over! 7 days left and I'm starting to be anxious. I have been coming up with different recipe ideas and yet it's a risk if I don't 'try' baking them before hand. I just dislike the idea of waste, hence the reluctance in going ahead, so it is a risk but hey, it's just a fun competition after all ;).

I can't wait till it's over as I want to start moving on to other desserts as such. Counting down!


Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Hey...good summation of basic baking principles for various cakes.

GeNiaL said...


The Caked Crusader said...

Your cupcakes were brilliant! You weren't far away from a podium finish.
Hope you enter again in December

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