Chocolate Eggless Cupcakes

There is a debate to the word 'Vegan', so I decided to change the title to the cupcakes. I made them just to practice my double colour icing technique. Most of the amount of ingredients were an estimation as I wanted to know how a vegan cupcake would look and taste like with another egg alternative. There are a few egg alternatives and I've tried it with mayonnaise and baking powder and vinegar so far. Couple of useful websites below about ingredients replacement. Check them out:

911's tips to replacing eggs
Vegan Baking by the Post Punk Kitchen

Will try tofu as an alternative next. My double icing didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be since textures of both icings were different. One was harder, thicker and more dense than the other. But it turned out nice in a different way.

Only made was quite tough to distribute them at work (and I ate 2, yuummm)


My favourite. Honey buttercream icing mix with chocolate ganache.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading about your experimentation which turns out so well. Wish mine did.

GeNiaL said...

Thank you very much for popping by and passing on the great compliment! Yes, it does get tricky when it comes to experimenting and mind you, I didn't write about my failures! There were a lot of batter that went to waste in the first few times in attempting to bake :)

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