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For those who are missing out on Malaysian food, check out Bonda Cafe on 190 Sussex Garden (closest tube station: Paddington)

 We headed to check out that place after playing a badminton league game nearby (trashed the visitors 9-0, woopwoop!). The cafe is situated at a corner of a building down stairs, just like the Malaysian Food Hall. This is perhaps a tinge better and more representable as it does have a menu displayed at the entrance and a signboard. The menu are listed in Malays with english subtitles and prices are quite reasonable! The dishes caters more to the Malay side of dish and is spicy enough to feel like you're having something from Malaysia. A nice dish of white rice and 2 dishes plus vege is 5.50 pounds and will definitely fill you up no doubt (portion size for 2 Malaysians). But be warned as it would be much better to have lunch if you are to pick out that dish as they won't top it up during dinner.

I had yummy fried rice and was impress with the herbs and spices that they put together. It wasn't just eggs and rice but it had soy sauce, cooked proper over a hot kuali (I could hear them cooking in the kitchen) topped with parsley, spring onions and even dried onion and garlic too! We ordered sides as well and had kangkung belacan (really spicy, I couldn't handle it), Fish Sambal, and lovely pandan and tapioca desserts. I had cincau drink for 1.50 which is quite good as it wasn't off the can but in a proper glass where they actually make it for you. Our Hong Kong friends love the teh tarik which was serve hot including the froth in the good old classic coffee cup and their teh bandung was also lovely.

I would go back there again if you're wanting a reasonable place with top quality Malaysian food and would also recommend others to try out the food.

More information:
190 Sussex Gardens
London, W2 1TU, United Kingdom
020 7402 5111


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