Fancy a little Turkish?

Last weekend, we tried turkish for a change. So we checked this place out in Covent Garden called Sofra and apparently it lives by the motto 'if it's not good, I will take it back and re-cook it' or somewhere around that lines.

The head chef is Huseyin Ozer, and he's got like an online website too and I found that the prices of the dishes were quite reasonable as it not only has the usual specials and standard dishes but also set meals and offers over season.

So I tried the Healthy set menu. Oh, we were accompanied by bread and a dish of humus, olive oil and pickles to start off with as complimentary I think.

Anyhoo, I wasn't sure what I was in for as the menu listed a lot of things, like 12 different things to try from Fallafel to duck roll. But this was what it looks like when it came:

I quite liked it because it's pretty much a spoonful of different things to try.

The dish further came with 3 different meat and boy it was very tender and moist. That was the highlight. I quite liked the baby broadbeans and it wasn't really spicy at all. All for the price of £12.95 which is quite reasonable =). They do have Autumn meal deals in which £9.95 can get you a starte and mains. Not bad at all.

Dessert was Apple tea, and it tasted really good although it took awhile for the waiter to bring it (think he forgot).

So far, I recommend it! For the price to try and for the set meals =)

More information

36 Tavistock Street
Covent Garden/, London WC2E 7PB
020 7240 3773


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