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Yes, I have been away again and this time it was on a career type of conference which was an amazing eye opener to me as well as it was my first time visiting the US of A. Boy was I overwhelmed by the supermarkets, so much so that I dare not step foot into the shop the second time! Things here in portions are HUGE. From taking about 2 minutes to cross the highway roads to massive sizes of smoothies enough to fill you up for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are so many different restaurants like all-you-can-eat crab, Denny's, TGI's and even one was called Happy restaurant LOL.

Anyway, I saw this movie clip on my flight back in which I really highly recommend to you food lovers =). It is based on 2 real live stories of about 2 ladies who share similar ambitions, dreams, and problems in which food was their way of escaping life's cold and brittle moments. This I give you the trailer:

Are you related to some bits of their lives? ;) Click here for the link

The coolest part to me is that I actually know what Le Cordon Bleu and Larousse Grastonomique is! omigosh...something I never ever in my life would figure when watching a movie. Note to everyone: HG is very ignorant when it comes to celebreties and dramas plus little stuff like landmarks in movies.

Anyhoo, I bought some nice dessert ingredients while I was in the states =). That I shall keep until my next post!


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